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Pygmy Sundew Propagation by Gemmae

28 Apr

I recently ordered a number of carnivorous plants from Cook’s Carnivorous Plants as well as CP Jungle.  One of those plants was a pygmy sundew, Drosera Scorpioides.  I wasn’t sure what was going on with the top of the plant at first; was it flowering?  It was actually producing gemmae or brood bodies that may be propagated asexually.  These are modified leaves that break free in the wild when struck by rain and they each contain an exact clone of the parent plant.

Here is a 2.5 minute video showing my process for propagating my new Drosera scorpioides from gemmae:

This is the plant the same day it was received from Cook’s Carnivorous Plants:

Drosera scorpioides, a pygmy sundew

Drosera scorpioides, a pygmy sundew

I fed my plant a moth 2 days before removing about 5 of the gemmae, 2 of which you see in the video above.  For the morbidly curious, the video of the moth being enveloped by the sundew tentacles is below.  After about 30 seconds the footage is sped up to 2000% although you’ll still probably want to skip forward as there is a lot of footage.  Notice there are a few more gemmae on the plant in this video: